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To place an order with SEMO Food Bank you must first be a member agency in good status, meaning that monthly reports are current. You will receive an email with the food list attached that must be completed and emailed back during the ordering period. Once the order has been received you will receive an email confirmation, if you do not receive this, please contact Missy @ 573.703.3019 ASAP.  If pickup is requested then a confirmation will be sent regarding your scheduled day/time for pickup.  Delivery orders will be delivered on the regular scheduled days. Please see below for upcoming ordering schedules.

 March - 2/27-3/3          Pick up days, - 3/23-3/27 (8:30-3:00)
 April - 4/1- 4/3             Pick up days - 4/27-5/1 (8:30-3:00)

For information regarding placing an order contact Missy @ 573.703.3019
For information regarding pick up or delivery contact Mike or Steve @ 573.471.1818

Only completed orders will be accepted during the ordering period. 


Monthly Report


Food Pantry Monthly Report  Due the last day of each month
Click here to submit your monthly report.

CSFP (SENIOR BOX) Distribution Monthly Report  Due the last day of each month
Click here to submit your monthly report.

For questions about the monthly report please direct your phone calls to Missy @ 573. 471.1818 or 573.703.3019  or email


Food Recalls


To find food recalls please click here.

For more information about food recalls please contact our office at 1.855.703.3663.


Disaster Relief


To receive disaster relief assistance please click here.

For more information about disaster relief please contact our office at 1.855.703.3663.


Nutrition Links


TEFAP Program Links


Missouri TEFAP Policy and Procedure Manual:



USDA TEFAP website:



USDA Food Distribution Regulations:



FNS Instruction 113-1:



And Justice for All posters:  And Justice for All Posters | Food and Nutrition Service 


(For TEFAP, the correct poster is version 475C.)

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