Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Southeast Missouri Food Bank is ready to respond to

  • Tornadoes

Tornado in Caruthersville

  • Flooding:

Flooding in Sikeston, Missouri

Surrounded by multiple rivers, this same rich farmland is also prone to major flooding.  Flooding has caused the loss of crops, desolation of homes, and inability to work.

  • Earthquakes:  Situated along the New Madrid Fault Line, experts suggest that the Southeast Missouri's many lowlands and flood plains were caused b earthquakes.
  • Power outages,
  • Fires
  • Ice Storms
Disaster Planning - Ice Storms

SEMO Food Bank plays a vital role in responding to emergencies that impact the region.  The high risk geographic location served by SEMO Food Bank - a region that is highly prone to earthquakes (situated along the New Madrid Fault Line), flooding (the area consists of lowlands and flood plains and is surrounded by rivers), and tornados (located near “tornado alley”) – creates the potential for SEMO Food Bank to provide significant aid to people affected by disasters.

Natural disasters create a desperate and long-term crisis for those affected. SEMO Food Bank and other relief organizations throughout the country work as a team to bring help and comfort to people suffering the effects of these disasters.  

Effective management of an emergency requires teamwork.  When all resources are linked through planning, direction, coordination and clearly defined functions, everyone involved is more effective in the endeavor.  As the situation and needs change in relief efforts, SEMO Food Bank will respond accordingly to maintain effective, efficient, and optimal distribution to our network of partner agencies.

The most effective way the public can assist is to support experienced disaster relief organizations with either financial contributions or in-kind goods and services that the organizations report are needed.

When the public supports organizations like SEMO Food Bank with financial contributions, it helps ensure a steady flow of important services to the people in need after a disaster.  In addition to food and essential non-food items, financial contributions are greatly needed to help with the transportation of donated items.

Following a disaster, SEMO Food Bank works with partner agencies and coordinates with the following entities to address unmet needs and to assess donated goods and services: