Feeding the Neighborhood

Lolo visiting Good Neighbor Pantry in Sikeston, MO.

With her cheerful presence and sense of humor, Lolo isn’t a person you will easily forget. Lolo, age 58 from Sikeston, is somewhat of a regular visitor to the Good Neighbor Pantry, located in Sikeston, MO.

In fact, she has her own nickname there.

“They call me Miss Cooper or Chicken Coop,” she said while laughing.

Even though she laughs, she knows that times are tough and food is hard to come by. Lolo has a big family to feed with multiple kids and five grandchildren added in to the mix too. On top of all of that, local neighborhood kids show up at her house, so she feeds them as well.

She loves to cook and enjoys making soul food and BBQ when she can.

Lolo said she is from the old school mentality and knows how to survive but sometimes needs a little help. She is very thankful for pantries as they help her and families throughout the community.

“The Good Neighbor Pantry helps a lot and God bless them,” she said.

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