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To place an order with SEMO Food Bank you must first be a member agency in good status, meaning that monthly reports are current.

Ordering Instructions

If you have questions about ordering online, please follow this instructions:

Southeast Missouri Food Bank Online Ordering Instructions

Click the link below to place your order during the ordering dates. If you experience difficulty ordering or have questions, please contact Steve Neal at 573-475-7561 or email


Online Ordering for 2021

Ordering Dates

  • June 28
  • July 28
  • Aug. 27
  • Sept. 28
  • Oct. 27
  • Nov. 24
  • Dec. 29

*All ordering starts at 9:00 a.m.

Invoices and Statements

Please follow this instructions to obtain your invoice or statement: Primarius Web Window Instructions for Invoices and Statements

CSFP Monthly Reports

CSFP (SENIOR BOX) Distribution Monthly Report

Due the last day of each month

Submit Your Report

For questions about the monthly report please direct your phone calls to Steve Neal at 573-475-7561 or email

Food Useful Life – Storage Times and Expirations

Food Recalls

For more information about food recalls please contact our office at 1.855.703.3663.

Find Food Recalls

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Agency Manual

For more information about disaster relief please contact  our office at 1.855.703.3663.

Disaster Relief Assistance