(NAP) Tax Credits

Everyone wants their kids to be healthy. However, for many families struggling to make ends meet, this is more of a wish.  One in five kids in southeast Missouri doesn’t know where their next meal might come from.  Parents are often forced to buy cheaper, less healthy food to get enough food to feed their families.

What we eat is a strong predictor of health outcomes.  When looking at the health impact of the lack of nutritious food the statistics are alarming.  SEMO Food Bank clients have more than twice the prevalence of diet-related chronic diseases (such as diabetes) than the general population.

To improve health outcomes and give families their best chance at good health, experts recommend at least 50% of diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.  Produce is often difficult to afford on a limited budget.  SEMO Food Bank makes every effort to secure and purchase produce, but we need your help.

Every dollar donated through NAP Tax Credits directly supports the purchase of fruits and vegetables.

Missouri resident with business income can make a donation of $500 or more and receive 50% of their donation back to put towards their Missouri taxes.

NAP Tax Credits is a smart way to make your gift have a greater impact on your savings and in the community.

If you are interested in donating to help our struggling neighbors and receiving NAP tax credits, please call us at 573-471-1818.

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