Benefits Fall Short

Linda awaits getting food at a Tyson Foods partnered mobile food pantry.

With as much as Linda paid in to Social Security over her lifetime, she thought she would receive back more in benefits when she reached retirement.

“I get Social Security but it’s small, and I have a hard time getting by. I’m low-income, and I need help with food,” she said, adding that she visits mobile food pantries to get supplemental food.

Linda showed up to a recent mobile at First Baptist Church in Sikeston. The mobile, sponsored by Tyson Foods in partnership with the food bank, included chicken, cereal and peanut butter among other things.

Coincidentally, Linda worked for Tyson Foods for almost six years and was pleased they were helping fight hunger in the area.

“I think Tyson is great, and it’s a great thing what they and everyone else is doing to help people get food,” she said.

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