Edgar’s Story

Because of COVID, Edgar lost his job and needed food assistance.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, it’s leaving a trail of unemployed people who are struggling to feed their families. 

Edgar, from Jackon, is one of the millions of people who lost jobs because of COVID-19. He had worked as a laborer on a pig farm, tending to the animals and doing daily chores. Now, he’s out of work and needs food for his wife and children. 

“I tried to find another job, but now it’s very hard you know,” Edgar said. 

He visits mobile food pantries provided by Southeast Missouri Food Bank and community partners. In addition to receiving food, Edgar and his wife also volunteer to help at the pantries.  

“We have to just keep calm and help when we can do that,” he said. “You see too many cars coming for food and drink. I think it’s a very good help for the people. The people need it.” 

Right now, he is unsure of when he will be able to return to work. 

“I don’t know. Maybe a month or two months. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, you know,” Edgar said. 

He sees firsthand the important role the pantries play in helping unemployed families and is grateful for the much-needed assistance  

“Just want to say thank you for your help. These kinds of events help too many people, so God bless you,” Edgar said.  

SEMO Food Bank through its pantries and partners has increased the amount of food being distributed in its 16-county service area. Because retail food donations are down, the food bank is having to purchase more food, which stretches its already limited resources. To help families like Edgar’s donate today at semofoodbank.org. 

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